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Dear Jesus, I love you. Please protect us from Satan and his minions, the antichrist and his cohorts and all who do their bidding. Please protect us spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally from all witches, wizards, remote viewers, psychics, necromancers, practioners of voodoo and magic, demonic influence and all evil people and powers. 

Shield us with your Holy Name. Hide us in Your Sacred Wounds and keep us safe from the enemy, seen and unseen. Please cover us in Your Most Precious Blood and protect us from all wickedness. Please bless and protect (mention all those including yourself seeking protection) and lead us safely to heaven where we may adore and glory the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost forever. 

Heavenly Father, don’t look up us wretched sinners, but rather look upon the Holy Face of Jesus and hear and answer our petitions. Have mercy on us.   Amen.

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