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Monster Prom 3 Monster Roadtrip

Monster Prom 3: Monster Roadtrip released on October 23, bringing fans of the indie dating sim franchise their third adventure with Beautiful Glitch's cast of colorful monsters since 2018. Monster Roadtrip is just the second part of the "Holiday Season" package, a three-in-one "sequel" to the original Monster Prom exploring other staple settings: a summer camp, cross-country road trip, and the yet-released Monster Retreat set in a snowy ski resort.

Monster Prom 3 Monster Roadtrip

Because dating sim mechanics aren't the primary focus in Roadtrip, this ironically created an opportunity for Beautiful Glitch to pack extra romance options into its "more shallow" framework - 12 were included in Monster Prom 3 at launch. In terms of returning characters, Quijano said the team aims to both revisit fan-favorites and explore monsters with little-to-no development. "But of course, we sometimes take that as a challenge to making players fall a bit in love with less popular characters too."

The game provides a new spin on dating sims, making it a competitive sport in which up to 4 players can choose a protagonist and can either compete to see who gets their date to the prom or work together so both can get their desired partner. The game takes place in a monster's school, three weeks before the dance, and the players try desperately to seduce one of six other students to go to the prom with them.

Monster Prom is a 2D narrative dating sim that features both a singleplayer mode as well as a multiplayer competitive mode of up to four players. The player assumes the role of one of four pre-set characters, all of whom students at Spooky High, and can choose between six different monsters they can try to date. Players can play as any gender and pronouns with the game allowing for straight, gay, and lesbian dating options.

The players are presented as students within Spooky High, a high school in a world inhabited by monsters.[6] They are given a time limit of three weeks in order to convince their chosen love interest to take them to prom. The game's plot changes with each new playthrough, giving players a unique sequence of events, dialogue and endings, depending on their choices. The four player characters are Oz, the personification of fear; Amira Rashid, a fire djinn; Brian Yu, a zombie; and Vicky Schmidt, a Frankenstein's monster, although the names and pronouns of the characters can be changed before playing. The six monsters available to romance are Scott Howl, a werewolf; Liam de Lioncourt, a vampire; Vera Oberlin, a gorgon; Damien LaVey, a fire demon; Polly Geist, a ghost; and Miranda Vanderbilt, a mermaid.[7] Second Term introduces two new monsters to romance: Zoe, an Eldritch monster; and Calculester Hewlett-Packard, a computer robot.[4]

The majority of the game's humor is very Western-influenced, consisting of many pop culture references, banter-based dialogue, self-referential commentary on monster fiction, and light satirical themes. The game has over 1,300 possible events and 47 secret endings.

After choosing a ghastly monster and the proper tunes, players are properly introduced to the party ghost Polly Geist and Scott Howl, a werewolf athlete with a heart of gold. With these two in tow, the three of you hit the road, seeking out a destination and enjoying the journey along the way.

Adding a new layer to the visual novel series, Monster Prom: Roadtrip maintains the whacky hijinks and attractive monsters we know and love while including a survival element. When exploring the open road, there are now stats to keep track of. Reaching 25 in one of them will unlock an awesome final destination while falling to zero ends your run.

Embark on a road trip like no other in this co-op narrative survival adventure. Visit fun locations, meet wacky characters, and manage your resources wisely. And yes: you still can date some hot monsters!

GymBeasts is a gay visual novel with a mysterious portal behind your squat rack. Will you fight monsters with the strongest guy in the gym, solve a mystery with the empathetic youngster, or derail EVERYTHING with the unfriendly hottie? But your biggest worry is whether there'll be time for dating!

You're gonna get yourself killed being out here all by your lonesome... There's monsters on this island! Besides, It's not always the beasts you should be afraid of... Beasts are easy to predict. They just want to kill and eat you. Humans are much harder... They'll pretend to be your friend first... 041b061a72


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