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Download Mouse On The Keys

Many people don't realize that their computer mouse can do a lot more than just point and click. The free utility, X-Mouse Button Control (XMBC), lets you unlock the full potential of your mouse by mapping new functions to its buttons. With XMBC, you can reconfigure and expand the capabilities of your mouse.

download mouse on the keys

XMBC can be used to remap mouse buttons. It lets you change the behavior of the mouse buttons and scroll wheel, assigning new tasks to each. The software is not just for button mapping, however. It also allows for various navigation customizations, including tuning the pointer and scroll wheel to your needs.

This is useful in many scenarios, including changing the behavior of your mouse in certain windows, such as making the mouse wheel change volume when hovering over the system tray or a YouTube video. Or perhaps you play specific games that do not natively support the fourth and fifth mouse buttons. You can map the relevant key commands to each of these mouse buttons.

Application- and window-specific behavior is programmed by creating profiles that control how the mouse behaves when switching between individual applications or windows. By default, profiles are automatically activated as the mouse moves over the defined window or application.

The software features an extensive list of functions available to map to your mouse buttons. These include shifting/combining buttons to perform different actions; creating timed button actions that change depending on how long you hold a button down for; mapping simulated keystrokes that send custom keystrokes, key sequences or mouse actions when you press a mouse button; and launching specific Windows applications.

The list of Mapping Commands shows the tasks assigned to each of up to nine possible controls on your mouse. Actions for each button are selected from the drop-down lists. It's important to remember that the list of commands is subject to change with each version of XMBC and that some items are only available on specific operating systems. For example, only operating systems after Windows XP support standard tilt wheel messages.

When assigning keystrokes to the mouse (i.e. when you click on a certain mouse button, it will activate a set key command), there are nine methods available for sending your assigned keystroke. These include sending the keys when the mouse button is either pressed or released, sending the keys while the mouse button is held or continuously sending the keys while the mouse button is held down.

All these functions add up to a rather comprehensive program that can address the mouse customization needs of even the most advanced user. Getting your mouse set up exactly as you want it might take a little while but the effort will be worth it.

X-Mouse Button Control is a powerful mouse customization tool. It is ideal for people who want to perform a wide range of different functions with just a click of a button or tap of their scroll wheel. With around 100 different actions and available for up to nine mouse controls, the configurations are almost endless.

To change options like how quickly the mouse pointer moves and whether your computer makes a sound when you turn on Mouse Keys, in the Ease of Access Center, under Control the mouse with the keyboard, click Set up Mouse Keys.

Reassign any button on your mouse to perform virtually any task. For advanced devices, you can adjust the scroll wheel, cursor speed, and much moreMouse button customization available on Windows and macOS, F-key customization available on Windows only.. Enhanced key functions let you set Logitech keyboards to behave just the way you like.

Enable the gesture button to reproduce trackpad gestures you're already familiar with. Hold the gesture button and move the mouse up, down, left or right to activate different actions such as Windows Task View or Mission Control on the Mac. Control your media playback, pan, zoom, and rotate too.

To start working with the program, you need to download the installation file and launch it. The installation process will start. Once finished, the program is ready to be used. After the program is started, the window shown in the screenshot below will appear:

You will need different sets of keys for specific programs and purposes, that's why the application features profiles that allow you to create configurable sets of key replacements and quickly switch between them. This mechanism works similarly to Windows "sound schemes". You can create (the "Add new" button ), rename (the "Rename" button ) and delete (the "Delete" button ) them.

If you need to define the new value of the key, set the cursor into the input field under the "Replace by the following key or key combination:" checkbox and press the necessary key, mouse button or key combination (press the main key while holding down the Alt, Ctrl, Shift and/or Win modifiers) or, if the necessary keys are missing on the keyboard, you can define them by choosing the main key from the list. If you need to define modifiers, check the boxes next to them. If you need to press a mouse button or turn the mouse wheel, select the necessary action starting from the word "Mouse..." in the dropdown list. For instance: "Mouse Left Button", "Mouse Wheel Down" and so forth.

If you need to block a key, select the "Block" checkbox. If the "Full block" checkbox is unchecked, single keypresses will be blocked, but keys won't be blocked when pressed with modifiers (Ctrl, Shift, etc.). If it is checked, keys are blocked completely. For instance, if you block the "A" key and leave the "Full block" option unchecked, the Ctrl+A combination will work. If the option is enabled, the combination will have no effect.

You are also free to move actions and folders by dragging them with your mouse. If the Ctrl key is pressed when you start dragging, the action or the folder is copied. Habitual actions of cutting, copying, pasting and deleting are also supported.

I don't understand certain comments like "it uninstalled my computer", "many bugs", etc. This is by far the best mouse interface I have ever used. Before this, depending on the application I were usin...

This deserves more attention than it currently has. Actually a very nice mouse software to program otherwise improgrammable mouse buttons due to lack of software. It's quite more seamless between app ...

NOTE: For MacOS Catalina users:Due to various security changes from Apple regarding writing to USB input devices, you MUST launch KeyMouse Software from the Terminal app with the following command:sudo /Applications/ will also be prompted to add "Terminal" to "Accessibility" section in your Security & Privacy settings. You must allow this as well.

I have a basic license and run synergy server on my MacBook Pro. I run synergy client on an nvidia tx2 dev board and also on a laptop with mint on ubuntu. Synergy works great. Exactly what I want. The mouse and keyboard work fine, copy-n-paste works fine. It's great.

From this screen, you can turn on Mouse Keys by pressing the Option key five times. You can also set your Initial Delay and Maximum Speed settings to determine how the pointer moves when being controlled by keyboard keys.

On the left side, clicking on the blue squares will pop-up a menu where you can rebind the button to any other mouse button, keyboard button, system function or recorded macro. You can also set the mouse to activate that bind only once, a set amount of times or repeatedly.

Similar deal for keyboards, you can click on any of the keys on the keyboard and a pop-up menu will reveal allowing you to rebind the key whatever you want. Same options as mice, you can set the key bind to happen once per press, a set amount of presses, or repeatedly on hold or tap.

The UI from here is pretty straight forward, on the left hand side you can create new recordings, the bottom right lets you trigger a macro recording session. Once you hit the red button, the delays between your key presses and mouse presses are recorded, hit the red button to stop recording, hit save to store your macro and allow it to be assignable to any single button.

Apex pro min im using it for searching etc and its using wasd for arrow keys ive went onto the steel series engine software (keybinds) i just dont know how to change the arrow keys to a different option rather than buttons i need to use letters for it just keep moving and its irratatting

Click Add to create a new profile and enter your keys, text or combination into the box, shortcuts like Ctrl+V are supported. Mouse Manager supports multiple profiles so you can use different combinations when you like, just press Add to create another profile. The profiles can be accessed and selected from the Mouse Manager tray icon menu.

Actions for each button are selected from the drop down and there are around 100 different actions to choose from. They range from simply swapping or disabling mouse button actions, simulated keystrokes, button chording/hold actions, window manipulation, Explorer commands, Windows settings, media and web browser commands, sticky buttons and cursor slowing.

X-Mouse Button Control supports up to 10 layers which are basically different sub-profiles you can use with each main profile. The options allow you to configure miscellaneous options such as scrolling background windows, changing the mouse speed, hotkeys to switch between layers and etc. X-Mouse Button Control can seem quite daunting and complicated for inexperienced users but you only have to click a few buttons for basic usage.


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