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The Three Stooges 2012 Full Movie Free 11

the line for this show was the longest of my week. only in person could you appreciate the *awesome* stooges tribute band. the band played a wide variety of songs (including the best lawrence welk song of all time, "men in white vests" by chick webb) and were absolutely phenomenal. seriously, they were the best tour ive seen yet. and lawrence welk used a stooges song on one of his disco shows, so the band took a detour into disco. the stooges should have been on the soundtrack of flashdance and i think the world would be a better place.

The Three Stooges 2012 Full Movie Free 11


many good things are made by women. trix cereal and wonder woman spring to mind. well, trix and wonder woman used to spring to mind, but not anymore. in the last few years, the dulcet tones of chris diamantopoulos have inspired many, many homes across america to make their own box of breakfast cereal. no longer on the breakfast tables of most americans, but almost. back in the day, trix were released in a cereal box looking like real cereal, and as far as the kids were concerned, it was the cereal. nowadays, the trix trix cereal box has a superhero theme. gone are the trix boxes with blue and red parrots, as well as the trix boxes with bubble gum. in their place are boxes with superheroes and villains, because so many people bought trix after seeing the three stooges movies.

but despite the pervading stooges all over the trix boxes, i refuse to eat trix again. i prefer the trix boxes with blue and red parrots and bubble gum, if you will. to make up for my loss, perhaps ill try eating some of the box from cabin boy, but even that isnt going to help. anyhow, trix should be kept strictly as a cereal for those people who are already familiar with the stooges. the real thing is better.


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