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Intercultural experience where students collaborate effectively with people from cultures different from their own in order to build the cross-cultural skills and competencies needed to live and work in the global society.


In order to apply for InternFSU experiences, you must have an updated resume uploaded in your NoleNetwork account. To upload your resume to NoleNetwork simply log in with your FSU ID and password. Then, complete your Profile and upload your resume through the Documents tab found under your account name in the top right-hand corner.

Exception: InternFSU students receiving academic credit for their InternFSU experience from their academic department will not have to submit an ERP application but will have to notify the InternFSU program immediately (

InternFSU student participants must be paid $13.00 per hour. The InternFSU fund will cover $6.50 per hour, not to exceed 120 hours per semester under the split funding. Please contact the InternFSU program at to discuss further questions regarding payment.

The InternFSU supervisor or student should contact the InternFSU program at However, as with any other employee, if concerning behaviors are addressed and improvements are not made, InternFSU students can be terminated as with any other employee.

If you have already been hired for a paid on-campus internship, your Supervisor should absolutely reach out to the Career Center and the InternFSU program at to discuss the possibility of including your internship in the InternFSU program!

Many times, you may have a hunch about the keywords potential patients use but you may be right, and you may be wrong. However, with a keyword research tool, you can take the guesswork out of this process. Targeting the right keywords is important for your PPC management campaign.

Taking the time to perform keyword research helps you unravel the most common keywords your potential customers use to search for your service. There are many keyword tools you can use to find the appropriate keywords for your business. Our healthcare marketing agency recommends: SEMrush, Ahrefs, CognitiveSEO,, Ubersuggest, etc.

The order of execution is worth noticing. The execution of the program happens by executing the lines of the main method (main) in order from top to bottom, one at a time. When the encountered statement is a method call, the execution of the program moves inside the method in question. The statements of the method are executed one at a time from top to bottom. After this the execution returns to the place where the method call occured, and then proceeds to the next statement in the program.

The definition of a method tells whether that method returns a value or not. If it does, the method definition has to include the type of the returned value. Otherwise the keyword void is used in the definition. The methods we've created so far have been defined with the keyword void, meaning that they have not returned values.

The keyword void means that the method returns nothing. If we want the method to return a value, the keyword must be replaced with the type of the return variable. In the following example, there is a method called alwaysReturnsTen which returns an integer-type (int) variable (in this case the value 10).

Logical extraction may not require physically connecting the mobile device in order to extract the data. Such extraction works on the principle of injection of the third-party application which collects the on-device data. The injection of such third-party applications can either be by connecting the device with OTG or using wireless bandwidth. While in the case of iOS Technology, the older version can be partial jailbreak using the vulnerability engagement in the device.

For dead devices, chipset-based extraction is performed in order to get the physical dump of data. Along with this method, the device was turned into suitable mode by pressing certain keys which make the tool perform the exploit. However, the chances of getting more amount of deleted data are higher in the case of extraction of the rooted device as compared to the non-rooted one. In order to get the deleted data by physical extraction, the device was made into flashed and made into partial root mode which is called download mode or Emergency Download mode (EDL).

Above mentioned tools, Cellebrite UFED, MSAB XRY and Oxygen Forensic Detective were found to give the best results in different domains of artifact retrieval. The functionality of these proprietary tools is much better in all aspects as compared with open-source tools. In the advancement of Mobile Forensics, the tools need to be updated with the latest Mobile device modules and technology to recover deleted artifacts. Extracting the artifacts from the latest android and security patch level will always be a challenge to forensic experts. The extraction of social messaging application data is a challenging task in view of the probability of finding critical evidence is more as compared to other artifacts. Capturing the token and in order to live capturing of cloud-based application data is another challenging task for law enforcement agencies as well as proprietary tool manufacturers. The research in the developing field of forensic science cannot be compromised by the upgradation of smartphones.

The Beaglebone Black comes with 512 MByte of RAM which might be not enough when it comes to building huge software distributions from sources. On Unix like systems, memory constraints can be overcome by assigning a swap partition to the OS, which usually resides on a fast internal random access mass storage device. The BeagleBone Black utilizes flash memory for mass storage, and the used flash memory is neither fast nor designed for unlimited random access - flash memory suffers quite a bit from frequent writes. So, in order to preserve the service life of the flash memory, we want to put the swap partition on a network storage facility. 041b061a72


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